Every article can be personalized easily Add Receiver's Name Sender's Name, Receiver's Photo or relevant photo, Message;You may add your own message Give Font Size & Colour to your Text.
Create your profile with your Brand , contact details, personal photo / logo.


Add name

Add receiver's & sender's name on the article you are sharing.

Add Image

Existing image in design can be replaced with Receiving person’s photograph or a suitable relevant image

Choose Message

Change existing message, Choose message from 100s of given messages.

Your Message

You can write your own message or can copy paste a message from anywhere.

Title & Text

Choose the suitable title from the available collection of title styles. You may type in the text and can change the font type , style and size suitable to article

Your Brand

Get your Brand embed on every article you are sharing. That is your Brand name, logo, web site, your name, photo, contact number etc.