You can import your customer details along with birthdays & Premium dates from your favourite database software. Brand Xpress takes all your data and generates a personalized set of articles like brochures, greetings, membership cards, calendars for each of your customer , that too with all the birthdays and other events marked in it.
You just have to choose the best design for customer.
Get these articles printed by printing it anywhere or let us send you a printed copy at your doorstep.
They will love to put it at display at their home and office which will make your brand highlighted and remembered for long.

Easy personalization of ready branding articles


Ready branding material

Brochures, greetings,membership cards and even musical greetings to make your client feel special.


Personalize with client's details

Add client's name,photo and event reminders automatically on the design selected by you


Reminder in calendars and membership cards

Automatically fill calendars and membership cards with the events like premium due dates, policy renewal dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Data connectivity

Import data smoothly with any excel or csv file