Best way to build relations and brand with your customers is to be in touch with them daily

  • Wish them on special occasions
  • Wish & inform them about all celebrated days across the world
  • Educate & engage your customers with insurance concepts
  • Impress them with highest level of personalization

Dgflick's Brand Xpress App helps Insurance Advisers to make personalized Greetings for every special occasion with inbuilt greeting designs.
Not only special occasions but Greetings for special Celebrated Days and concept Brochures about insurance products helps insurance advisor to educate & engage with their customer.

Personalize Greetings

Personalize greeting and make your client feel special


Write receiver's name or add it from phone's contact book


Add his/her photo and a personal message too


Decorate with drawing and texts


Get your profile details automatically on designs

Share it with World

Share greetings and brochures with clients from the app itself

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